Diaz vs Poirier For 165 Pound Title

Nate Diaz broke the news on Twitter. Nate vs Dustin at UFC 230 will now be for the 165 pound title and the creation of a new weight class. No word yet, but it looks like UFC 230 just may have got it’s main event. Nate vs Dustin was already a done deal, but it becoming a title fight certainly elevates the importance and interest of this fight. I hate to make this an article about Conor McGregor but lets talk about where a fight like this can lead.

If Nate takes out Dustin, he becomes the 165 pound champion, setting up a trilogy fight against Conor McGregor. Giving Conor the first shot at being a 3 weight champion, which would be huge. This also gives Nate the ability to take the trilogy and avenge his previous loss. Now if Dustin wins, this could set up a rematch with Conor as well. The two fought at 145 pounds previously. News like this could lead to several potential fights.

Kevin Lee is another fighter who has been very vocal about wanting to see a 165 pound weight class. So that brings the question, what other fighters will we see move from 155 or 170 down to 165?




UPDATE – Dana White denies the news


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