Top 10 Most Interesting Nicknames in MMA

Top 10 Most Interesting Nicknames In MMA

As a fan, you end up seeing a lot of repeat nicknames in MMA. You know, fighters sharing the same name. Evey once in a while, though, someone will get creative and you’ll run across an interesting one. For every five Pitbull’s or Assassin’s you see, you’ll run across an Anthony “The Hippo” Perosh or a “Sexyama”. (There, I threw those two in for free. During the intro, even). I decided to compile my personal “Top 10 Most Interesting Nicknames In MMA”, in no particular order…

“Napao” (“Big Nose”): Gabriel Gonzaga – “Big Nose” is a weird one. I mean, I guess Gonzaga has a fairly hefty nose. What I’ve heard, though I’ve not able to completely confirm, is having a “big nose” is actually a phrase in Portuguese that has the same meaning as having a “good chin”. That makes a little more sense.

“Peruvian Savage”/”El Mendigo” (“The Beggar”): Tony DeSouza – Inventor of the “Peruvian necktie”, De Souza went by two of the most accurate nicknames that I’ve ever seen. With his shaggy hair and beard, he always did resemble a savage or a beggar on the streets.

“Cigano” (“Gypsy”): Junior dos Santos – The origin of JDS’s nickname is a humorous one – his friends gave it to him back when he was younger and had long, flowing hair, looking much different than he does nowadays.

“The Grappler King From The Shadows”: Daiju Takase – As a virtual unknown who holds a legitimate submission victory over the legend, Anderson Silva; I’d say that Takase’s nickname is very fitting. I’ve never heard this nickname spoken aloud by any ring announcer or commentator but apparently, the Japanese audience referred to Takase by this moniker.

“Twinkle Toes”: Frank Trigg – An amusing nickname with a sense of humor. Being a fan of The Flintstones, I also enjoy that Trigg “borrowed” his nickname from Fred Flintstone’s bowling moniker. It’s a shame that Trigg didn’t do the patented Fred Flintstone “twinkle toes move” before each fight, though. That would have sealed the deal.

“The Hillbilly Heartthrob”: Brad Imes – A lot of you might remember Brad Imes as a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter 2. He had a decent fight against the future champion, Rashad Evans, on the show’s finale. I don’t know what to really say about his nickname, though, other than it’s interesting and, as far as being a “hillbilly heartthrob”, I’ll take his word for it, I guess

“Fancy Pants”: Lyle Beerbohm – I used to see Beerbohm fight in Strikeforce pretty often. He was even featured in one of my all-time favorite MMA video games – EA MMA. Lyle got his name because he literally wore “fancy pants” whenever he fought. The brightly colored fight gear that earned him his nickname were all personally made by his mother.

“Transforming Trickster”: Genki Sudo – Also going by “Neo-Samurai” while competing in the UFC; in Japan, Sudo was known as the “Transforming Trickster” which is a very accurate nickname, in my opinion. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching one of his fights; fighting him would be the closest thing to actually fighting some sort of “shape-shifter” that I’ve ever seen.

“I Hate Hippies”: ??? – Okay, I assure this nickname exists. It’s basically the inspiration for me to write this article. Problem is, my memory is horrible sometimes and I only ever saw this guy fight once, on an old HDNet Fights episode. He was obviously a regional fighter because I can’t seem to find any information on him based off of this nickname online either. To paint a picture – Mr. “I Hate Hippies” was someone that you would consider to be a “redneck”. I think he even wore a cowboy hat to the ring; Cerrone style. Personally, I thought his nickname was pretty funny. I mean, hippies can be whiny and annoying at times, right? To be honest, I kinda want to get a t-shirt printed up with this phrase on it just for the hell of it.

“Bruce Leroy”: Alex Caceres – As I mentioned, this list was in no particular order but I saved this nickname for last because it may, in fact, be my favorite. Not everyone can appreciate the epic “coolness” of this ring-name unless you’ve watched the cult classic, urban, 80s kung-fu film, The Last Dragon. Bruce Leroy is a bad man, whether on the big screen or in the Octagon. I wouldn’t question his skills, if I were you.

*Adam Zimmerman (a/k/a The Grappling Gamer) is also a staff writer and contributor to Canadian Bulldog’s World. *

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