Top 5 Walk-Out Songs That I Want To See Used

Top 5 Walk-Out Songs That I Want To See Used

I was watching some fights, a month or two ago. Which promotion, I can’t really remember. Some small time show. The biggest name they had on the show was Charles Bennett. Me, always being a fan of “Krazy Horse”, “Kid Chaos”, “Felony”, or whatever the hell nickname he’s going by at this point, I made sure to catch his fight. Funnily enough, he came out to the ring dressed in a full suit and sunglasses, slow dancing to the Toni Braxton classic, “You Mean The World To Me”. That amused me enough to make me think – what songs do I want to see fighters use to enter combat…

5) Fernando – ABBA: “Can you hear the drums, Fernando? I remember long ago, another starry night like this…” Okay, I’ll admit it, I love ABBA! Even if I didn’t, I’d still think this would be an amusing walk-out song. It starts off so quietly with some Sweedish girl remembering some (apparently dashing) Spanish dude that she knew, long ago. Eventually, it builds into an up-tempo ballad belted out by probably the world’s most famous pop group of all time. Can’t go wrong, right?

4) Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye: I’m picking this song because the title is John McCarthy’s famous catchphrase to start a fight. Also, it could possibly give you the advantage on some psychological level, confusing your opponent as to whether you’re getting ready to smash their face in or just make sweet, sweet love to them in the middle of the cage for all the world to see.

3) Flash Gordon – Queen: “Flash! Ah-ha! Savior of the universe!”. Yet another song that might give you a psychological advantage going into a fight, building up your confidence and making you into a “world beater”, as they used to call it in pro wrestling. I mean, have you heard this song? So amazingly epic. How could you walk out to this classic by Queen and not feel like you could take on the world?

2) Ninja Rap – Vanilla Ice: Okay, who doesn’t want to walk out to the ring or cage to the official Ninja Turtles theme song? Why hasn’t this been done already? Bellator, I’m looking at you. This is exactly the type of shit you specialize in – hire Vanilla Ice to rap someone to the ring with this classic song. Regardless of what unseen show he may or may not currently have on HGTV, I’m sure he could use a couple of extra bucks.

1) Why Can’t We Be Friends – War: I believe I’ve actually seen someone use this song for their walk-out music before and for good reason. Perhaps you’re lacking a little confidence for your fight. Hey, it happens to everyone. Why not let the soulful sounds of War try to convince your opponent to hug it out with you and just call it a draw? Hell, it might work.

There you go. My personal, “Top -5 Walk Out Songs” that I want to see used. If you think I missed any great ones, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Adam Zimmerman (a/k/a The Grappling Gamer) is also a staff writer and contributor to Canadian Bulldog’s World.

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