Max Holloway out of UFC 226

Max Holloway has been forced to pull out his UFC 226 featherweight title fight, No word yet if anyone will replace Max against Brian Ortega.

Apparently Max was admitted to the hospital Monday with concussion like symptoms. He said he felt better and has argued with his team to keep the fighting going, but the fight is indeed canceled. Below is a full statement by Max Holloway’s management.

Max’s team and UFC staff noticed Max was not normal since late last week. This became obvious to many watching his interviews and public appearances the past few days.

He was showing concussion like symptoms before he even started his weight cut and was rushed to the ER on Monday where they admitted him over night. Initial scans seemed okay and he was released Tuesday afternoon but symptoms still continued.

Max fought with his team to continue with the fight. He showed some improvement over the next day but was still showing obvious symptoms. After open workouts he crashed and was very hard to wake up, when he did he had flashing vision and slurred speech.

Ortega’s coach Rener Gracie told MMA Fighting that the UFC has not contacted Ortega’s team about a potential replacement opponent. But, Gracie said, if it isn’t a title fight, Ortega likely would not be interested.


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