Melvin Guillard vs Takanori Gomi added to Rizin FF 11

Melvin Guillard vs Takanori Gomi will go down on July 29th, on Rizin’s FF 11 card. There’s a lot of similarities in this match up, and I don’t mean stylistically. 2014 was the last time either guy won, Melvin and Gomi are both riding big losing streaks. Melvin has lost 7 in a row and 1 no contest. Gomi is riding a 6 fight losing streak.

The good news, someone has to win. Both guys had long UFC careers. Gomi going 4 – 9, Melvin going  12 – 9 and 1 no contest. Obviously Melvin had the better UFC career, but Gomi was at one time considered the best lightweight in the world. Flash forward to 2018,  neither guy has been doing so well as of late. Melvin 35 years of age and Gomi at 39.

It’s hard to see, veterans at the end of their career struggling. At one time these were two highly ranked fighters. Gomi put a streak together where he was 31-5-1. Melvin was a few fights away from a title shot, going 7-1 during his best stretch for the UFC.

Whatever these guys have left, I hope they leave it all out there.

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