Israel Adesanya talks about UFC matchmaking

Israel Adesanya sits at 13-0 for his MMA career, 2-0 inside the UFC. Wins over Rob Wilkinson and Marvin Vettori. Israel will look to go 3-0 when he takes on Brad Tavares. The fight will take place July 6th, 2018. This will be his third fight for the UFC in 6 months and he is now headlining a main event. Israel had this to say about UFC match making and why he waited to sign with the UFC.

“In the UFC it’s sink or swim and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Fights like this are why I’m happy I didn’t sign earlier in my MMA journey when people were constantly telling me to sign with UFC. The reason why I took my time getting here is because I wanted to be ready to face the best when I got here.”

“People think I just showed up out of nowhere. They don’t know anything about the body of work I’ve put together over the last 10 years; they don’t realize where I’ve been or know about the asses I’ve been kicking all over the world.”

“I don’t want to be babied all the way to the top. The UFC have been looking after me. I’ve been getting the fights I want, they just didn’t know that I wanted them. They aren’t rushing me, I’m going at my own pace and I’m cruising.”

A guy not wanting to be babied, not ducking fighters and being active, what more could a fan ask for? A win over Brad Tavares will keep the momentum going and keep him as a big draw. It’s always a big deal when a fighter can get 3 or 4 wins in a single year inside the octagon. Now as a main event draw, this will push him forward and gain the attention of casual fans.

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