USADA is the real GOAT

From a fan’s perspective It’s hard to see some of my favorite fighters getting popped and suspended by USADA. These suspensions coming during a fighters prime are hard to see, leaves you wondering what could have been. The suspensions at the twilight of a fighters career are also hard to see. A fighter like Anderson Silva, 42 years old with very few fights left. Being suspended is basically ending his career.

From a clean fighters perspective you must be happy to see USADA cleaning house. It’s time for fighters to get clean or risk their career. While you can look at situations and think wow that was a harsh punishment. It’s time to quit feeling sorry for cheaters. If you cheat and get caught, you get exactly what you deserve.

In sports like Baseball it’s non contact, juicing to hit a ball farther isn’t exactly the same thing as juicing in MMA, where fighters kick each other in the face. This is such a brutal sport, I no longer have sympathy for cheaters. You see a fighter taking the clean route, the eat your vegetables and work hard route, then we see these other fighters taking the Jesus juice, not really an even playing field. Allowing fighters to train harder, longer, recover quicker.

In the UFC just losing one fight can get you cut. So not only are the cheaters taking the W away from hard working fighters, they are taking their careers away and their health. The general atmosphere now days from fans, is that we no longer want to see it. Just post about a fighter who’s been caught cheating on Facebook, look at the reaction you get from fans.

Fighters need to ask themselves, what’s my reputation worth? Do I care about my legacy? Do I care about my fans? If the answer is yes, then you should steer clear of the PED’s. I hear all this talk about fighter pay, how it’s not enough. Well how much are you gonna be worth when you get hit with a long suspension? Fans can forgive but they never forget. Many fighters support life time bans for cheaters.

Maybe you find yourself getting old, injured, thinking the Jesus juice can give you a quick fix. You can get busted at 42 and be a first time user, doesn’t matter, you’re whole legacy is tarnished, fans will immediately assume you have be juicing your whole career. It’s not worth it. USADA is the real GOAT.

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