Weight cuts may force Max Holloway to move up to 155

Current featherweight champion Max Holloway was on the MMA hour where he talked about weight cutting. He had this to say –

“If they change a few things around, I’m probably not going to be able to make 145. If it happens, it happens. If UFC keeps making new rules, I most definitely might have to step up. There ain’t no denying it,” Holloway said. “Everybody is talking about being champs and this and that. I’m a champion in my mindset. I’ve told you before, I’ve [got] nothing but time on my side. Man, you might see me with two of these gold belts. Who knows? I’m trying to be a legend.”

Max is riding a 12 fight winning streak, most recently finishing Jose Aldo twice. Max has beat pretty much everyone at 145 pounds, not many contenders remain. He has an upcoming fight with Frankie Edgar at UFC 222. Frankie is no easy fight, so you can’t look past him, but if you do look past him, who’s left? Who’s next?

A move to the lightweight division would certainly give him new opponents, possibly a rematch with Conor McGregor, the last guy to beat Max. Since then, Max has won 12 in a row and has looked like an absolute beast, no scratch that, he’s looked like a champion.

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