Al Iaquinta: They gave me exactly what I asked for

Al Iaquinta has taken a stand against the UFC, feeling like they have been low balling him. Al being in the real estate business is no stranger to negotiations. Many other fighters would probably have just taken what the UFC offered them, Al isn’t about that life.

“They gave me what I wanted,” Iaquinta said. “They gave me exactly what I asked for.

“I’m kind of surprised on one hand, and on the other hand, I know what I’m worth. I’m a fight that Paul Felder wants. I know he thinks this is a good fight for him for whatever reason. I know he’s their guy. He wants the fight, they want to give him what he wants — they want to make him happy so they in turn made me happy.”

We last saw Al take on Diego Sanchez, knocking Diego out in the first round. It was his first fight back in two years. Al Iaquinta is on a 5 fight winning streak, dating back to 2014. Four of those wins were by knock out. His next fight will be against Paul Felder at UFC 223.

“I asked for 80 to show and 50 to win. I told them $80,000, and I’ll go in there and fight Paul Felder and I won’t give a sh*t what happens,” he said.

“I never think about it, but when I fought Diego Sanchez I fought for — it’s insane to even say — 23,000 or 26,000 something like that. I was thinking, ‘I’m getting paid 26 to fight and anything else is an extra’. There’s nothing guaranteed.

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