For 2,457 days Anderson Silva ruled the middleweight division

From April 22nd, 2006 to July 6th, 20013, Anderson Silva ruled the Middleweight division and the UFC. Winning 16 fights in a row, finishing 14 of those fights, defending his middleweight title 10 times. It’s a crazy run, I know Mighty Mouse is on a big run, he went on to break Anderson’s title defense record, so respect to him but the Anderson Silva reign was something special, finishing 14 out of 16 fights.

While the new casual fans can go back and watch old fights and look at stats, only the guys who lived thru this era can really appreciate just how great of a run it really was. He didn’t just beat middleweights, he stepped up a weight class and took on Forrest Griffin, a former light heavyweight champ. Then he embarrassed Forrest, looking light years out of his league.

He fought other light heavyweights as well, like Stephan Bonnar and James Irvin. He is one of only a few guys to finish a fight in the 5th round, it’s only been done a couple times. Anderson made a crazy come back in the first Chael Sonnen fight, getting beat on for 4 and a half rounds only to land a submission and finish that fight.

This incredible run finally came to an end on July 6th, 2013, in a fight against Chris Weidman. Silva was knocked out, he played around and got caught. Mostly his antics was a strategy to get Weidman to open up, but this time it didn’t work. While in other fights he would put his hands down and dare ppl to swing, this time he got caught.

Silva’s career has been on the down side since then, father time finally caught up with him, he lost a few more fights, it happens to every fighter who hangs around long enough. His leg break against Weidman was a nasty one. He popped for PED’s, got suspended. His reputation took a big hit because of it. Where you rank him on your GOAT list is up to you, but what a run it was.

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