Robbie Lawler tore his ACL during RDA fight

In recent news, Robbie Lawler tore his ACL during the RDA fight. Lawler being the warrior that he is, continued to fight. He went on to lose a decision to Rafael dos Anjos. Here’s what Dana White had to say about it in a recent interview.

“The guy’s leg was destroyed,” White said of Lawler. “Okay? Blew his ACL and his meniscus and every other thing that’s in your knee out in like the third round. Wobbled over to the fence, laid against it, and asked dos Anjos to come in so that they could just bang it out. Robbie Lawler went to the fifth round.”

That’s a tough break for Lawler, this will keep him sidelined for awhile. Staying healthy is a hard thing to do in this sport. Robbie is currently 35 years old, hopefully he can get healthy and get back to fighting. Robbie is 28-12-1, he took a year off after Tyron Woodley knocked him out.

He fought twice in 2017, A decision win over Donald Cerrone and then a decision loss to Rafael dos Anjos.

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