Five Christmas movies that never get old

Here’s a list of fun Christmas themed movies that never gets old. You know that tradition, a holiday like Christmas or Halloween rolls around and there you are watching the same movies over again. Well here’s a list of Christmas movies that never seem to get old.

1: Bad Santa –  This movie cracks me up. It’s about a couple bank robbers who get jobs as Santa Claus and an Elf at different malls, they use it to scope out the inside and then rob the place. This Santa Claus has a real drinking problem.


2: The Nightmare Before Christmas – This is a movie about Jack, the Pumpkin King. He lives in Halloween Town, a place that is crazy about Halloween. Jack finds a portal to Christmas Town and is mind blown.


3: Home Alone – A movie about a boy who is forgotten and left home alone, he has to stop a couple of home invaders with his home made traps. A classic movie that lives on every Christmas. Home Alone 2 was also a great movie, same kind of theme, only lost in New York.

Home Alone Image 1 - 1990 Twentieth Century Fox

4: The Santa Clause – This movie is about a Dad who runs into Santa Claus, only to accidentally kill him. He puts on the suit and then becomes Santa Claus. You can imagine how this would effect your personal life lol.


5: A Miracle on 34th Street – Yeah I know this isn’t the original one but to bad, this is the one I watched. This movie is about a man who has to prove he is in fact Santa Claus in a court of law, after being set up. This movie also revolves around a little girl who has asked Santa for a Dad, a Brother and a House.


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