The Office may be back!

It appears that NBC is in talks to bring back The Office. This is a trend now days, bringing old shows back or making 7 or 8 movies from the same franchise. The show would go on without Steve Carell. That’s a bummer but the final 2 seasons of The Office didn’t have him in it, besides an appearance on the final episode.

This show was hilarious, it’s hard to say what characters would be returning at this point, but this is exciting news for The Office fans.  Apparently creator Greg Daniels will be involved. Rumors are the show is looking for a front man to play the lead roll, Micheal Scott’s job. Finding a replacement for Michael will be hard, ( Insert Michael Scott joke here) That’s what she said !

NBC brought Will and Grace back and it’s been a rating hit, no doubt what inspired this talk. The news of a revival has been mixed, some fans are worried at how well The Office will do with limited characters returning, Only time will tell.

1 thought on “The Office may be back!

  1. We can only hope they bring it back!


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