Never forget who The Godfather of trash talk is

Just like any other day I’m on the MMA groups. You can’t help but notice how Colby Covington is getting talked about. While the reviews are mixed, some want to see him get destroyed, others are really enjoying his trash talk. There’s villains and heroes, Heels and baby faces.

Colby Covington is what you would call a heel, if he’s a heel then that makes everyone who hates him a mark. While most people will tell you that Colby and others are just doing what Conor McGregor does, the truth is Chael Sonnen is the godfather of trash talk.

Chael laid out the blue print for how to promote yourself, how to sell tickets and in return, make yourself some cold hard cash. We have seen fighters like Demetrious Johnson be super successful in the cage, but this sport doesn’t pay you based on wins, sure you get win bonuses, but selling tickets is what gets you paid.

The trash talk game is becoming more popular, fighters having Twitter wars, news media then reporting the Twitter fights just as it would any other source of news. The Bad Guy Chael Sonnen really laid out the building blocks for how to do all this, he’s a true pioneer. His trash talk against Anderson Silva took Silva out of character, clearly getting under his skin. The same trash talk drove Wanderlei Silva crazy.

when you talk about fighters, don’t say he’s trying to be like Conor, Conor McGregor isn’t The Godfather of trash talk, Chael Sonnen is.

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