CM Punk: – Dana White floated me an idea.

You gotta give it to CM Punk, he is determined. He will not give up on MMA and it appears he will end up getting another UFC fight. It’s not logical or easy, the man is one of the biggest jokes among MMA trolls. The meme’s, the jokes, getting your ass kicked by Mickey Gall, most people would have called it quits by now.

CM Punk is obviously the kind of man who sets a goal and goes for it. I respect that shit. Dana White told the media that CM Punk was coming to UFC 218 to talk to him, Which it is confirmed that he was at UFC 218. CM Punk was on the MMA Hour shortly before UFC 218, He had this to say about his UFC return. 

“To me, yeah. But, that’s up to Dana. I had a good conversation with him. I told him, ‘If you want to cut me, I get it. But, I’m fighting whether it’s for you or somebody else.’ Now, I don’t got an agent or a manager. I’m like Bill Murray, just with a lot less money, less funny or as famous. But, I did tell him I want to fight again and we’re back at it, back to the drawing board. So, it’s up to him. He floated me an idea and we’re kind of going back-and-forth on it right now.

I’m at the point where I want to get something on paper, so, you might be able to hear an announcement in the coming weeks. I really don’t know, there is no timetable, though. I don’t want to speak for him, but if he wanted to kill it, he would have killed it right then. But, you never know. And Dana is a friend of mine, so it’s always a weird thing because I grew up in wrestling taught not to trust promoters. So there is always that little thing. So until anything’s official, I don’t want to say what he’s thinking or saying. But, I am pretty confident that it will be in the UFC.”

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