Does Aldo have another run in him?

The question I’m bringing to you today, does Jose Aldo have another title run in him? Aldo seemed unbeatable at points in his career, the first UFC featherweight champion, can he bounce back? He will try to do that at UFC 218, a rematch for the featherweight title, going against Max Holloway. The man who beat him and took his belt.

Jose Aldo is coming in this fight having lost 2 out of 3, finished in both bouts that he lost. The positive is you can say well Jose was doing well against Max, he did hurt him early. Max didn’t get a take down, he took the dominant positions on the ground by dropping Aldo with a punch, which was impressive.

Max is riding a 11 fight win streak, his last loss coming at the hands of Conor McGregor. Not to take anything away from Conor but that was naerly 4 years ago, this isn’t the same Max Holloway. Aldo is going to have his hands full in this rematch. Aldo has talked about retirement several times over the last few years, so you have to assume that he won’t be around much longer.

So with time against him, does he have another run left? MMA is unlike other sports, in MMA just losing one or two can really change how people see you. While Aldo has lost 2 out of 3, before that he was on a 18 fight win streak, 7 title defenses, 15-0 in UFC / WEC and everyone knew him as the featherweight king. Does he have another run left? I can’t wait to find out. UFC 218 is on December 2nd. Aldo VS Holloway 2

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